AI-powered platform for Strategic decision-making

From the analysis of millions of signals to the implementation of strategic decisions.

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Strategic planning

Robust definition and scoring of your must-win battles.

>  New business & operating model
>  Category expansion
>  Guidelines for mergers and acquisitions

R&D Pipeline

Data-driven future-proofing of R&D platforms.

>  Clarity on time-to-market
>  R&D platform identification & prioritization
>  Sourcing & monitoring market innovation


Comprehensive future modeling to capture your growth and avoid missed opportunities.

>  Dynamic and detailed action plans to maximize profit & loss
>  Marketing resources Optimization

How does it work?

How does it work?
Multi dimensionnel Market Modelling

Multi-dimensional Market Modeling

Horizon Scanning

Advanced analytics to understand which evolutions will really matter

>  Explore future trends, phenomena and scenarios
>  View signals curated by powerful AI
>  Capitalize on emerging trends for competitive advantages

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Multi dimensionnel Market Modelling

Multi-dimensional Market Modeling

Driver Analysis

Understand the driving forces behind the evolutions

>  Evaluate key factors influencing trends
>  Quantify drivers’ impact on trends
>  Optimize your strategies to align with critical drivers

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GenAI Powered Recommendations

GenAI-powered recommendations

Trends Exploration

AI-generated trends from millions of curated data sources.

>  Explore content to gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics
>  Analyze trends from key metrics for data-driven decisions
>  Share trend insights with your team

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Strategy Building

Strategy Building

Opportunity Generation

AI-computed growth opportunities relevant to the company’s business

>  Evaluate opportunities that will drive revenue growth
>  High-potential opportunities that encourage the development of new products and services
>  Ensure investments are directed towards the most promising areas for maximum return

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