End-to-end AI-powered SaaS platform.

The first software automating the decision-making process, helping companies to make smarter decisions, faster.

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Analyzing millions of signals to help you implement the best strategy.

Five phases to give you actionable insights.


Analyzing millions of datas to identify business opportunities.


Displaying the results on our platform using advanced metrics.


Enabling you to deep dive into major Shifts.


Inspiring you/your teams.


Assisting your teams to implement your strategy.

The power to take your strategy to the next level

We are developing a software suite to tailor our insights to customers' functions.

Next Generation AI

Advanced Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

Trusted Data

Curated and vetted high quality source data

Custom Trained Models

AI models uniquely tailored to your business

Deep Quantification

Understand maturity, probability, and scale with quantified metrics

Data Analysis Tools

Integrated with Microsoft Power BI for deeper data analysis

Foresight Tracking

Time travel and look back functions to see how shifts have developed over time

Actionable Insights

Timeline view of the future, showing you now, next, and future horizons

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What they say about us

“For 5 years we were looking to get an answer to this question, and with you we got it in 3 months”

Sandra WeberVP Strategy and Corporate Finance

“D&M designed a powerful method to translate global standardized concepts into actionable insights for brands to generate impact locally.”

Category Growth Strategy DirectorL'Oréal Multi Divisions

“D&M brings a composite understanding of our challenges and a stimulating environment for co-creation.”

Johanna DumontVP, Strategy, Insights and Innovation

“D&M has built a fascinating and rigorous backend to feed our trends framework.”

Kyle PapanikolasGlobal Insights Senior Director