We believe that a new generation of powerful and advanced technologies can be used to unlock a deeper understanding of the world we live in and have a profound impact on the way we make decisions.

Our next generation of predictive AI will help organisations make smarter decisions faster, reduce costly errors, and bring more stability to a world that seems to move faster every day.

Leadership team

Maurice N'Diaye

CEO & Chief Data Science

Maurice is an entrepreneur, who has dedicated is entire career designing B2B tech-based capabilities and services. His dual culture as an Ecole Polytechnique Engineer and a Columbia University business graduate help him navigate the complexity of today’s organizations and find impactful solutions for their business.

Both in life and work, he is driven by relentless curiosity, since he believes "great things always happen when combining diverse and hybrid approaches".

If you want to impress him when you meet him, show him your best dance moves!

Yannis Kavounis

VP Customer Success

Yannis is a foresight practitioner, a prolific client relationship builder and an inspiring manager. He has 20+ years of experience at top consulting firms, delivering consumer and growth strategy by fusing the disciplines of Futures, Innovation and Cultural Insight.

His motto in life and work is “better done than perfect” leading him to drive action in everything he does.

How to impress him when you meet him: talk to him about micro-nutrients and polyphenols!

Tom Murdoch


Tom is a strategic leader and data visionary, with 15 years leading technology innovations across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. He blends data expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to drive transformative programs, delivering substantial customer and business value.

His life and work mantra is, "Embrace the growth mindset and let innovation lead the way."

Want to impress him? Share your best "new parent meets AI" life hack and see if he hasn't already tried it himself!

Claudia Soppo

Head of people & Culture

Claudia is a natural agent of change. Her early career was spent in consumer research and data consulting. Following her passion for developing people in to the best they can be, she recently decided to focus on employee wellbeing and training and joined D&M to build a new, more human work environment.

Her motto in life and work is "a year from now, you’ll wish you had started today".

How to impress her when you meet her: introduce her to something unique about your country or your culture !

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