What if You Could Turn Uncertainty Into a Competitive Advantage?

Transform strategies, de-risk investments, and outpace the competition – all with our next generation AI platform.

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The next-gen of predictive AI

Our platform uses leading edge deep-tech AI and machine learning to help you build future-proof long term strategies for your organisation. Giving you clear line of sight on the future trends that will shape your industry, ahead of your competition.


We create a digital twin of your organisation across 5 dimensions, training our models with your unique perspective to find tailored actionable insights.

Data Sources

By analysing every source we use and connecting with trusted institutions, we filter out the noise and distractions, ensuring the data driving your analysis is reliable.

Quantified Signal Analysis

Our proprietary methodology identifies a signal’s distinct biomarkers, allowing us to measure aspects like probability, maturity, and even impact.

More Signals
than traditional Foresights methods
of data analysed for each customer
The Difference

More accurate, quantified and trackable foresights

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Define the where-to-play areas to ensure sustainable growth

Create alignment across all departments

Monitor market shifts to anticipate tipping points

Prioritize investments among all possibilities

Measure future market shifts and assess their impact

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De-risking investments in uncertain times.

In a very volatile environment, the cost of bad strategic decisions today can be enormous tomorrow. Whether it is R&D, branding or portfolio management, being able to future-proof strategic investments has become increasingly critical.

The first StraTech to make strategy again.

With a cutting-edge AI-powered platform, Descartes & Mauss provides companies with unique systemic modeling capabilities to model the future. By developing a digital twin of what their business and market will look like tomorrow, companies can develop future-proof strategic roadmaps and know which must-win battles to focus on now and in the future.