We leverage Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence to build instability-proofed action plans

Descartes & Mauss
in one sight

State-of-the-art AI capabilities

  • Hundreds of thousands of high quality vetted data sources
  • Strong AI algorithms to turn raw data into smarter data for more relevancy and impact

Decision making & actionability

  • Size, score and prioritize growth opportunities
  • Translate insights into concrete initiatives & roadmaps
  • Drive innovation through inspiration and ideation

Unique systemic frameworks

  • Systems thinking and creative problem solving at scale
  • Identify must-win battle to focus on

Cross-functional alignment

  • A holistic, single view, of the new landscape, from strategy to execution
  • Common language to name and frame opportunities and threats across the company
  • Global & local market analysis

Let’s focus on our methodology

We know how to gather smarter data from 8 key leading sources

Global institutions reports
Industry association publications
Investments funds and banks forecasts
Media articles
Reasearch papers
Activist organization publications
Consulting reports
Consumer search data

We know how to extract meaningful trends

We analyse the 3 drivers of the systemic model to best categorize trends.

Then, our experts interpret the correlations and reveal the significant shifts happening.

Our last success!

Our client, a leading restaurant group, wanted to achieve 2 main objectives:

  • Anticipate global & local market business trends to design the future of food experiences that will keep the brand and its offerings relevant for its consumers in different markets around the world
  • Craft the best ongoing internal approach to monitor, plan & generate competitive mid/long-term global innovation priorities

Our approach

We delivered the project thanks to our framework, a mix of artificial intelligence and expert insights

  • Our systemic framework enabled us to bring together hundreds of trends across society, industry and human desires
  • We led country-specific workshops to identify & prioritize the most impactful shifts and sub-shifts* for the business
    over the next 2-3 years

* A sub-shift is the manifestation of a shift at a more detailed level in order to monitor evolution & assess impact on a client’s business


Thanks to this project, our client has global program involving hundreds of people from ExCom to operations to craft the next 5 years roadmap in 12 countries.

How we measure the unmeasurable?

Our current successful story